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British Lion egg products

Information for food manufacturers, bakers and caterers on choosing Lion Egg Products.

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About egg products

Egg products are eggs that have been processed and are obtained from eggs once the shell and outer membrane have been removed. These are made from whole egg, yolk or albumen. They are used by food manufacturers, bakers and caterers to save time, money and hassle.

Egg products are available in many different formats, including liquid, frozen and dried. As well as whole egg and separated yolk and whites, standard and bespoke blends of yolk and whites and other ingredients such as salt and sugar are also available.

Ready-made products such as boiled eggs, scotch eggs, mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, omelettes and sandwich fillings are also popular. A wide range of packaging types and sizes are available, from a 1 kg gable top carton, to a one tonne intermediate bulk container, for all catering and manufacturing applications.

Egg products can arrive in the UK from all over the world. Choosing British Lion egg products minimises food miles and guarantees that you are using British eggs produced to the highest standards, as well as supporting British farmers.

Guide to British Lion Egg Products

Guide to British Lion egg products

A brief guide to the food safety benefits of British Lion Egg Products. The Lion Code of Practice for the Production of Lion Quality Egg Products sets standards that work across all systems of production, protecting eggs from the moment they are laid to the time they are delivered to food manufacturers and foodservice operators. There is no equivalent Code of Practice anywhere in the world. Download the guide here >>